Christi Nordby began Core Pilates because she is passionate about helping people be happy, strong, and fit. She is also fitness model for Suzanne Somers, and national and international model for Bodyblade® and Octane Fitness. She has earned recommendations by the Mayo Clinic and medical professionals in the Twin Cities for her skills as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer. Christi studied under Master Instructor Bob Liekens in New York City in 1988 and earned her Pilates Instructor Certificate from the Physical Mind Institute. She was among the first in the United States to become certified in The Method, a new regimen of standing Pilates. Christi has certifications in personal training by the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA), and the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.). Her experience, knowledge, and motivational skills have made her a highly sought-after personal trainer in the metro area for both professional and amateur athletes.


What clients say about Core Pilates by Christi:

“It is TRUE!!!  Pilates is a staple… like water… without it, my body craves it!!  Christi has added the Body Blade to her classes, which makes a really good thing even better!!" 

—Jennifer Fritz, Age 49


“Christi’s class is a wonderful mix of building core strength and fun. Her demonstration of skills and interaction with her students is amazing. She provides step-by-step instruction and is truly interested in helping her students see results. Thank you for helping us find our abdominal muscles!”

Bruce and  Debbie Smith, Ages 56 and 53


“Christi is a joy to work with; watching her beautiful smile and body. Her energy invigorates and inspires me, as does her gentle spirit.”

Marlyn Goulett, Age 87


“Christi’s class is the biggest bang for both my buck and the amount of time I am able to put into it. I usually can’t make it to class more than once or twice a week, but I now have stronger abs than I did when I was in my 20s. Not bad for a busy mom. Thanks, Christi!”

Susan Hoffa, Age 48


How Core Pilates by Christi Is Changing My Life

By Brittany Allen

     Before starting my journey with Christi at Core Pilates, I was truly at an all time low with my self esteem. I was caught right in the middle of remembering who I used to be and dreading who I'd become. As the wife of a former professional athlete, low self esteem wasn't a feeling I was familiar with, and it conflicted with the core values of our family. My husband, on one hand, was the fit, healthy, and lively person everyone knew him to be. I, on the other hand, after being married for only 3 years, had undergone a change for the worst. Physically, my health was at an all time low, and my body reflected that. Emotionally, I was VERY discouraged, drained, and depressed by my many failed attempts at permanently changing the way I felt and looked. All I could do was sit helplessly at the intersection of "I can't give up" and "I have no idea where to go from here."

     Many couldn't understand why I was having such a struggle, when my husband had devoted his whole life to fitness and nutrition. Many knew that his college major was health/nutrition based, and even more knew that his post-football occupation was also nutrition based. The fact that fitness didn't work like clockwork with me surprised some. I've often been asked "Well, why can't you just work out with him?" or "Why can't he just train you?" At first glance, those would, indeed, be valid questions.  What they didn't know, however, was that I'd tried that before. It felt like I was doing the equivalent of running barefoot alongside a sports car, which was extremely discouraging for me. Subconsciously, I felt as if I were being judged.  On top of that, I felt very guilty that I was getting further away from the woman he had watched walk down the aisle. As time went on, and my activity dwindled further, I developed a paralyzing shame and fear of judgment that made going to my husband for help impossible.

     So, fast forward a few years; a close friend of mine had been raving for a while about how wonderful her Pilates instructor was and how much she enjoyed the class. I'd say, "Maybe I'll go with you one day," and put it in the back of my mind. Thankfully, my friend is very persistent! (Love you, Jeannine!) I started getting text messages every Monday morning at 8 a.m. that said "It's PILATES MONDAY!" with a few smiley faces behind it. Being that the first class was free, I figured I'd just go, get it out of the way, and stop the Monday-morning texts. I never planned on returning. How wrong I was!

     As soon as I entered the building, I was immediately put at ease by the beautiful, smiling faces I saw. Everyone was so friendly! Christi, from the very beginning, radiated a very nurturing vibe. She took a sincere interest in me. This was drastically different from the general, lukewarm greetings I'd received before in the awfully packed classes at "the gym" (yeah, THAT gym.) At different moments during my workout at Core Pilates, I was asked about my interests, background, etc. Surprisingly, on top of Christi engaging each of us in bubbly conversation, she also took time to walk around and personally spot each one of us, making sure that we were doing the reps correctly. I was never overlooked. And although any corrections I needed to make were highlighted, it was done in the most loving way. Also, the fact that I wasn't the only one receiving correction alleviated any shame or fear that I'd grown so accustomed to feeling.

     I left, that day, drenched in sweat, yet I felt different than ever before. Physically, my body was confirming that I'd undergone a high intensity workout. Emotionally, however, I felt as if I was getting home from a much-needed "girl's day out". I wanted more. Which is exactly what I set my mind on getting. More out of myself, my body, my mind, and my life.

     Now, after wrapping up my eleventh week at Core Pilates, I can truly say that I'm discovering a new me! I am seeing very impressive changes physically; most importantly, though, I feel WONDERFUL within. I have found an effective, realistic, yet enjoyable, lifestyle. Through Christi and Core Pilates, I can finally hear the voice in my mind that says, "You've got this, Britt!" Each session, that voice gets louder. Come and listen to what yours is saying to you!