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Core Pilates at Home

Core Pilates by Christi Nordby is available on DVD so you can exercise on your own, at home or when you travel. Just contact Christi by email: Please specify which volume(s) you would like to purchase. Shipping is additional.

$14.95 Each


Volume 1: Pilates for Beginners, with Live Music

Volume 2: Pilates with Modifications, for Those with Impingements

Volume 3: Pilates Intermediate Level, with Live Music

Volume 4: Pilates Intermediate Level, with Pilates Bands, Filmed Outdoors

Volume 5: Pilates Intermediate Level, with Pilates Bands, with Live Music

Volume 6: Pilates for Men, Intermediate Level (can be done with or without Pilates bands)

Volume 7: Pilates for Young Children and Teens, with Live Music